From the recording October Man


I didn’t do sad, now I do
Cos the pain is in the waiting
Waiting to hear from you
I shouldn’t do it but I do
I don’t want give you pressure
But I’m waiting to hear from you

I texted you ten days ago
But you always keep me waiting
And time go by so slow

I scan through all the messages
You sent to me before
I know that sooner or later
You’ll be knocking at my door
But every day seems like a year
With nothing in between
Have mercy on me!

I hear a message coming through
I can feel my heart a thumping
Hoping for something from you?

Just a notification
Got a balance to pay
Running out of patience
Got to pay today!

I shouldn’t do mad but I do
Cos I find it so frustrating
Waiting to hear from you
Waiting to hear from you