1. October Man

From the recording October Man


October man in a place he used to know, October man
Strolling through the autumn streets, skin a golden glow,
October man
Leaves strewn upon the pavement in the crisp October sun, as they
Fell upon the very day he first came to this town

October man landed years ago,
October man
The alchemy of time transforms a young man into gold, October man
Inside his golden fist he holds a tiny silver pin; now he’s
Staring at an old life, with a new life to begin

Back in the easy days,
Back in the vinyl days when he’s so young
Clutching a silver pin as a
Map of England spins
His arm comes down
To pierce a northern town

October man, October man

The courtyard where he worked is much the same
Gargoyles in the churchyard stare,
They seem to know his name
They’d see him here at lunchtime, basking in the sun
The sharpness of the autumn
A fresh-faced man so young

October man, October man
October man, October man…